“Paramount Restoration did an absolutely amazing job in repairing and refinishing our garage frame
damage and the add on masonry work to smooth out the garage entry.  Both were very polite
and professional, and I really appreciate the quality of their work.  They are both true assets to
your team. Also, please extend my sincerest thanks to them”

Bill W - Allentown, PA

“It has been great experience working with you and your team. Thank-you once again for
prioritizing and working at best to accommodate my house repairs”


Amit D - Randolph, NJ

“Thank you for referring Paramount Restoration, Rich and his team were excellent. they
were more than considerate patient and understanding.”

Gloria T - Plainfield, NJ

“Paramount Restoration did an excellent job from start to finish! Thanks for the work done, great

Larry  B - Madison, NJ

"Hi Jason, We were very happy with Paramount Restoration's work and would highly recommend you to others!"

Jeannene B - Washington, NJ

“I appreciate all of Paramount Restoration Groups efforts in helping me with my home repairs. I realize how thankful I am to both know and work with such a special team!”

Anna S – Edison, NJ

"We are extremely satisfied with the repair work done at our home by Paramount Restoration. Rich M and his crew were helpful and very skilled, Thank you!"

Myrna and Max S - West Orange, NJ

"Thank you Paramount Restoration for doing such a great job with my repairs! Also Jason and Buddy did an excellent job communicating with me throughout the job to make sure all of my needs were met and repairs were done quickly"

Marilyn G - East Hanover, NJ

"Thank you so much for the repairs done on my home I really appreciate it. Paramount did an excellent job along with everyone who had a hand in the process of restoring my bathroom!"

Rita C - Oak Ridge, NJ

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